Dany had much better Ni in the earlier seasons, where she felt a mystical pull to the dragon eggs. She knew to put them into the fire so they would hatch without being told. From that, she adopted the symbolic role of the Dragon Mother. She made the connection between her inability to get burned and her being the one true ruler of the Iron Throne. Dany is so devoted to her vision of what she wants for her future, she tries to force other distractions into it – reasoning that her liberation of the slaves, the Unsullied, and the Dothraki will help her gain the throne. When Tyrion points out the low odds of her success, she sneers at his suggestion that she find “another dream.” Daenerys in the first season easily makes her feelings known to her brother about being sold as a wife to Khal Drogo, but then goes on to prove her willingness to bond with the Dothraki society by committing to all the traditions of their people, eating the horse heart, and adopting their verbal traditions (“the stallion that will ride the wind”). She is an advocate for the poor and marginalized, championing the rights of women and rescuing them from rape, gathering her forces from primarily slave nations, and liberating the Unsullied along the way. But as Dany grows more powerful, she becomes more ruthless. She demands everyone accept and acknowledge her as the true queen of the Iron Throne and gives no quarter to her enemies, enacting harsh punishments (crucifixions, feeding people to her dragons, having them burned alive to set an example to others) if they do not. She makes attempts in later seasons to forge bonds with Sansa Stark. Dany’s main problem is her extremely poor logical skills – she uses Jorah and then Tyrion to help her make rational decisions, but most of the time, ignores them in favor of her own choices – which SPOILERS wind up getting one of her dragons killed, and the Dothraki decimated. She is often sidetracked from her goals by her feelings of empathy or love (she halts her forward progress and stalls out in Quarth, because she has torn down the slave-founded nation, but has no logical ideas about how to replace it; she comes to the north to fight the White Walkers with Jon out of romantic devotion to him). She’s almost incapable of questioning her own motives. Her Se is her weak point. Dany has knee-jerk, violent reactions to everything. She abandons her intuition and trusts a witch to heal her husband, because it’s an immediate fix. She tends to liberate cities to help their people (Fe/Se) without a larger plan for their future, or stopping to think about the greater social and economical impact. She enlists one of her handmaidens to teach her how to seduce (and therefore manipulate) Drogo. Once she sees potential in the Unsullied army, Dany betrays the slave owners and burns their city to the ground. She eats horse hearts, engages in black magic, threatens people much larger than herself, engages in sexual pleasures, and walks through fire. But the Battle at Winterfell proves her poor ability to adapt to a quick-moving environment – Dany is so caught up in trying to handle her emotions, she fails to notice a horde descending upon her dragon. She loses another dragon in an earlier episode to a reckless battle north of the wall. She prefers to stay distant from the action rather than engage.

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Dany shows a great deal of ambition and self-confidence. She genuinely believes she is going to liberate the lesser people, in expectation that this will cause them to love her. She often derails her desire to return to King’s Landing just to free slaves along the way and basks in their adoration as a result. The way she entices her husband into upholding her ambitions is to flatter and praise him, engaging in romantic overtures and by learning to please him in bed. But the dark side of the 2 shows also in her behavior — Dany expects things for her help. Such as loyalty. Support. Love. When the common people do not give her this, and actively work against her, she disintegrates into 8 and becomes wrathful. She incinerates and destroys entire cities. She burns innocent families alive. She ruthlessly enacts justice on those who do not show her deference as queen. Seeing this is what causes Jon Snow to turn against her in the end. He cannot let an unstable, emotionally-reactive, wrathful woman devastate the world.