Davos trusts his own interactions with people, and uses them as the foundation for his trust of them – because he knows Stannis of the past to be a tried and true, responsible man who pays all his debts and has a blood tie to the throne, he stands in support of him to the international bankers and follows him faithfully until his death. He has a natural suspicion of Melisandre and her influence over Stannis, since he can instantly see how his “master” is changing, and not for the better. Davos is often the first person to establish a good rapport with people through an agreeable attitude and general friendliness. He likes to meet people on their own terms and has no trouble expressing his feelings toward others – his affection for Shireen and his gratitude for helping him learn how to read, his respect for Stannis, and his dislike and distrust of Melisandre. He often advocates for compromise for the greater good, and can give rousing speeches to encourage and bring men together in their support of someone. Davos likes to trust his own insights and conclusions, and think things through on his own terms. Davos is not above changing his entire ideology when a better one comes along – his inferior Ne is not interested in change for its own sake, but forsakes Stannis and embraces Jon Snow as the “Chosen One” when he witnesses his resurrection from death. He throws the same kind of emotional intensity and weight into supporting Jon as he gave to Stannis.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Davos diffuses tense situations with warmth and humor. He has a natural distrust of other people and likes to test them in subtle ways to find out what they are made of; his dislike of Melisandre proves his instincts correct. Davos is not a man who likes to risk much, and is careful in his decisions. But his loyalty can also be displaced – as a 6, he places too much faith in Stannis as being worthy of his respect and gratitude. He wants to know his place in the social dynamic an where he stands; he also distrusts others and needs to feel included, but has a strong moral core. His 7 wing yearns for adventure and is willing to take risks, as well as provides his overall good humor.