Ellaria is a very “present” woman – like her lover, she thrives in the midst of intense situations. She seeks out raw experiences. She enjoys many different sexual experiences and partners. She trains her daughters in the art of ruthless, hands-on warfare and effectively weaponizes them. Ellaria feels driven, in the moment, to act – such as when she chooses to poison Cersei’s daughter with a kiss, to punish her in a raw, visceral way, for what she sees as injustices and betrayals. She makes a power grab when she kills the Dorne leader. Ellaria identifies herself with the bastards in Dorne – whenever anyone addresses her in a manner above her station, she reminds them of her true identity – one others share, that of a “Sand.” A bastard. She finds no shame in this, in fact, she seems proud of it. Ellaria does not change herself to suit the situation, nor try to appeal to others through falseness. She is frank, even blunt, in her opinions, and deeply devoted to her lover. She loves her children but nobody else. Her Te shows in her decisive actions – when she decides it’s time to make a play for power and avenge her lost lover, she enacts her plan with ruthlessness. Her low Ni shows in how short-sighted her decisions are; her dealings with Cersei, and her underestimating the severity of her anger, leads to her daughters’ deaths and her own imprisonment.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/so

Ellaria is a tough-talking, no-nonsense woman. She does not believe in hiding the truth from others, nor take offense in having it pointed out to her; in her mind, you call a bastard… a bastard. You don’t sugarcoat it. She has no interest in compromise and sees that as weakness. She lives life to the fullest, with aggression, sexual focus, and decisiveness. She can be hedonistic and domineering. She asks, when choosing a lover, for someone who isn’t a coward / isn’t afraid. Her 7 wing would rather distract her with pleasure than face up to the unpleasantness in her life.