Grey Worm assumes his life and circumstances will never change until the Mother of Dragons liberates his armies and breaks his expectations. He places his trust in Daenarys after she proves to him she has the best interests of the slave-nations in mind and shows her forcefulness and power in negotiations when she uses her dragons to a tactical advantage. His repeated interactions with her convince him she is worthy of his trust and service, because it establishes a pattern of decisive power and authority in his mind. When Dany is absent from Maureen, Grey Worm makes a dedicated co-leader of the nation – he makes choices carefully, with serious consideration about their unforeseen consequences. He is much more grounded and practical than Tyrion, although lacks the Hand’s broad scope. Detached and practical. Forthright in his opinions. Logical. Grey Worm is an effective leader and commander, good at tactical thinking, and rational in his decisions. He prefers decisive action to endless musing. He knows his place and respects his commanders. He has a sense of his own value and where he ranks in terms of importance. He at first struggles with his attraction to Missandei, aware he cannot be a traditional husband or lover to her, and fearful of rejection and unworthiness because of it. He is not overly forthcoming with his emotions, instead forming a somewhat silent respectful bond with her, which leads to their eventual romance. Grey Worm is noble and kind. Though practical and down to earth, Grey Worm can be optimistic and pessimistic about his chances of survival. He thinks about what kind of life he would like to have with Missandei after they defeat the White Walkers – and when she talks about how she’s love to go home, but how her people do not know how to defend themselves, he says he will do it – because the life of a soldier is what he has always known.

Enneagram: 1w9 sp/so

Moral. Upstanding. Responsible. Self-Contained. Idealistic. Grey Worm does not want to treat others unjustly. He moderates his anger. He holds himself to a strict moral code. He acts on what he believes is right. Grey Worm advocates for fair treatment and does not always agree with Dany’s decisions. He places a lot of faith in her, as the embodiment of a new and improved world. She appeals to his desire to see things change for the better. His 9 wing is detached and withdrawn, somewhat shy in asserting his contrarian opinions.