Jorah is far more grounded in his ambitions than Dany, since he sees the sequence of events they need to take to achieve her goal. Prior to joining her in the desert, he was a slave smuggler, taking advantage of an age-old and socially acceptable tradition. He often draws from his own experience, and from traditional methods, when advising her in what choices to make – Jorah is looking for things that remain “true” across contexts (here’s how you deal with other leaders, how you negotiate, etc). Though sent there to spy on her, Jorah starts mirroring her emotions and becomes emotionally involved with Dany. He changes allegiances because of what he sees, and the good he sees her doing among the slaves, showing his tendency to adapt emotionally to new situations. He is often a voice of reason with her, pushing her to be more socially appropriate and diplomatic. Jorah tries to ensure he always does the latter, finding ways to approach others based in what they have in common, rather than their differences. He is somewhat open with his feelings, and often objects to her ruthless tactics due to how they make her “look.” He can also be logical, and encourage her to make decisions that support her goals rather than get distracted. His low Ne finds her visualization and embodiment of power fascinating, but does not much attempt to theorize on his own. The more he experiences her powerful “magic” (inability to die), the more Jorah has faith in her ability to become a powerful queen.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Jorah is “asleep” to his own physical and emotional needs. He often appeals to others on a rational level but also through shared sympathy, coming to reflect Dany in many instances. Even if he objects to her immoral treatment of slave owners, he does not actively attempt to stop her or moralize her into a different perspective. He stays calm in almost every situation – remaining largely unruffled even when things go wrong. He objects to some of Dany’s more ruthless decisions, because he sees them as wrong. He also keeps himself in check, and rarely displays any form of anger or resentment. He’s careful in how he approaches others, and respectful of their beliefs and traditions (1 wing).