Khal has an attitude of if others have a problem, they can challenge him in a fight – and he will defeat them. Khal cares most about what’s happening around him in the moment; he’s easily bored, and excited by a fight, an argument, a challenge, or a battle. He’s a skilled warrior who has never lost a fight in his life. He leaps into things often without looking, and enjoys good wine, beautiful women, and steady horses. He’s content with his life, and quick to take action. He questions others’ desires to conquer more of the world, since he doesn’t see the practicality in it. Khal is curious and open to new ideas, but not always eager to adopt them. He’s passive in much of his behavior; an idea may or may not appeal to him, and if he does choose to take action, it’s because his wife wants him to. He sees no need to challenge the rules of his tribe and kin; Khal allows his men to do things in the traditional fashion of his society, but can also be taught different methods. He adapts to his wife’s needs and looks out for her, even if it means defying tradition. He later decides to conquer the Iron Throne, for his unborn son to rule. This involves deciding on a long-term goal, which he does. Khal shares an entire vision with his people for the future of his son – the stallion that will mount the world! He opens up his mind to sailing across the sea, and shares his wife’s desire to reclaim the throne, because it means a better destiny for his unborn son.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Khal embodies the 8’s desire for physical pleasure, his need to be in control, and his sense of calm whenever he reacts. He’s unapologetic about his actions and his anger. Like when he kills Dany’s brother, he calmly pours molten gold over his head. He rouses his men into action by promising them dominion over a foreign throne. Dany earns his respect by asserting herself and proving how “tough” she is. His 7 wing brings in optimism and a desire for continual new experiences. He does not admit to defeat.