Lord Varys speaks in high abstractions; he has futuristic impressions and trusts his instincts about people, saying that he has a “feeling” the Mother of Dragons may be the future of the country. He and Littlefinger often engage one another in philosophical and heavily symbolic debate. He admits that he has long-term plans, and has carefully gathered a legion of “Sparrows” about him that keep him informed on everything that happens in King’s Landing. Lord Varys has a strong ability to look into people and see their natural potential; without his constant encouragement, Tyrion would never have left behind his depression and striven to meet the “Dragon Queen.” Lord Varys often speaks for mediation and compromise, encouraging the hard-headed Dany to consider other perspectives and how her actions may impact the larger social group. He can be ambivalent in his responses. He can easily read Littlefinger’s emotions, and gauge accurately where he stands with other people. His soft-spoken, demure nature often throws them off guard. Lord Varys also thinks in terms of the greater good for others, rather than himself – he does not intend to take the throne, but to see someone on it who will be a just and moral ruler for the people, and if this person fails him, he will not hesitate to turn on them. He’s analytical and wants things to make sense, but does not share his thinking process with anyone. Lord Varys is not, however, highly active – he prefers to let others do his work for him, and he can be distant from the world around him and uncomfortable when he has to adjust to it quickly (inferior Se).

Enneagram: 5w6 sp/so

Lord Varys trusts his own mind above all others; he stands apart from the world and observes it, far more often than he gets involved with it. This enables him to amass a great deal of understanding and shrewdness, but also gives him a level of detachment from everyone and everything. He seems to devote himself only to the higher “cause,” and does not need nor seek out intimate relationships. He has no ambition; he simply wants to use knowledge to promote and support others, in support of a better reign. His 6 wing makes him suspicious and distrustful, willing to question authority but also submit to it. He views everyone as a potential threat… or a future alley.