Margaery is determined to become queen of King’s Landing, and does so through using people to achieve her goals – she flatters and appeals to them, winning them over with charm and raising public support. She’s able to show empathy, compassion, and generosity when needed, and she both means these and uses her ability to make connections to further her success and ensure her family’s survival. Margaery cares how others see her, and is able to calm Joffrey down by appealing to his nature, learning how to manipulate and control him and then using similar tactics on her next husband. She tries to persuade Renley to sleep with her, by reassuring him that whatever he needs, she will assist with. When the High Sparrow takes her prisoner, Margaery is able to survive by pretending to submit to him, forsake all her former sins, and amend her ways. She goes about attaining power through the traditional methods – she does not seize power for herself, but instead makes herself desirable to men, appealing to their lust for her in order to become the queen. She focuses on fulfilling the duties society “expects” from her (for her to bear children), and weighs her understanding of people based on her former experiences with them (after a few encounters with Joffrey, she knows he will be a problem; she guesses they need to vacate the Citadel when Cersei does not come, because she would never miss this unless she had planned to kill them all). Margaery is not always quick to catch on to others’ unseen motives – she does not realize at first that her grandmother murdered Joffrey, nor that her attempts to pull Sansa into their family are futile. She focuses on fulfilling the immediate needs of the people, attending to the orphans and thinking of ways to further spread her family’s power through marital alliances. She does not spend much time second-guessing her intentions, analyzing her own behavior, or thinking through the ramifications (inferior Ti).

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

After Margaery’s death, her grandmother laments that the entire world loved her for naught; she focuses on “helping” people as a way to earn their admiration and love, promising safety and a good marriage to Sansa, attending to the orphans, and even admitting to the High Sparrow she acted out of selfishness rather than generosity. She can be manipulative in getting what she wants, focusing on appealing to a few people and inviting them to “protect” her. Margaery’s 3 wing makes her competitive and image-focused, ambitious and power-seeking, but also warm and gregarious, inclined to help others achieve a higher station in life. She becomes whatever they need her to be, in order to help them believe the illusion, even playing Joffrey (“Imagine what it would be like, to stand here, and watch something die over there…”). She focuses on her attractiveness to others and desirability, to advance herself and keep herself and her family secure.