Oberyn is deeply immersed in the sensory world, and always ready for whatever it has to offer him. He explores this through his sexual tastes, but also his total confidence in interacting with the outside world – it enables him to assume he can beat the Mountain in a “fair fight.” And, he almost succeeds based on his pure sensory-driven fighting skills; it’s only when he hesitates and wants to prolong the man’s pain that he fails. His motives are all based in his feelings – he’s angry about the cruel injustice his sister faced, and he wants revenge, so he comes a long way to exact his justice. Oberyn rarely expresses his true feelings except in direct physical actions (Se/Te). He does not care what others think, and sacrifices Te expediency (killing the Mountain when he has him down) out of a desire to make his revenge last longer. Oberyn does have a warm and approachable nature, however. He shows others kindness when he doesn’t have to. He shows very little lower Ni except in his singular focus to avenge his sister’s murder and kill her rapist.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

He embodies the 8’s desire for pure carnal pleasure and excitement at every turn. Oberyn isn’t discriminating about who he sleeps with, and is excited to include multiple partners. He loves the best foods, the richest wines, the most beautiful people – and has no hesitation in taking what he wants. Nor does he apologize for his lust. He calmly deals with intense situations with total confidence that he can come out on top, and often does. His 7 brings in opportunism, pure joy in experiences, and a desire to escape through activities.