Petyr admits to Sansa late in the series that since childhood, he has had a vision of himself on the Iron Throne and each decision he has made has brought him closer to making that a reality; he shows intense capabilities for long-term, quiet and patient planning, but sometimes his impulsive decisions (motivated through lower Se opportunism) backfire in his face – his framing of the Lannisters for murder resulted in Ned Stark’s execution, started a war, and ended in his beloved Catelyn’s murder; his lack of understanding of the Bolton situation caused Sansa to hate and mistrust him. Petyr rather arrogantly assumes he can read and shift situations to his advantage, but often neglects the details of these situations and over-estimates his own influence. Petyr is an efficient businessman, easily working his way up to power, and able to keep it by being “necessary.” He never entangles himself sexually with his own brothels, but uses what happens there as a way to gather information, exploit other people’s weaknesses, and advance himself on a political level. He easily betrays others when he believes it would serve his higher cause (he warns Ned Stark not to trust him, and then betrays him, in order to help set his plan in motion for the Iron Throne; he thinks using Sansa in an advantageous marriage will gain them a powerful army; he marries the woman who raped him in order to gain the Knights of the Vale and then shoves her out the moon door, etc). When the king debates the morals and ethics of killing Dany, Petyr advocates for her death, pointing out that she is a threat to the throne. He keeps his cards close to his chest, and does not share his true intentions with Sansa until he believes the Iron Throne is within his sight. Petyr feels a desperate need to connect with people he loves, but he also misreads every single situation in which he uses an emotional appeal (causing Catlyn to draw a knife on him, and Sansa to agree to his death sentence). He can be so blind to his own intense feelings, he fails to read Sansa’s apathetic disinterest in him accurately and assumes she is compliant with his plans. But when forced to defend himself, he becomes intensely emotional and begs for his life. He is extremely standoffish, not able to act swiftly under pressure to save his own life and intent on arguing in his own favor instead (inferior Se).

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/sx

Petyr may work behind the scenes, but it is all about his ambitious desire to sit upon the Iron Throne. He wants to rise above the ashes of his past, and become the King. Unlike Lord Varys, he collects information not out of interest in it, but to use it to his advantage. He builds a brothel and then trades in its secrets. On occasion, he can come across as too arrogant, and miscalculate the right moment to attempt to impress someone. In his bravado, he challenges Cersei – and soon learns his “theoretical” power is nothing in comparison to her “actual” power. Like most 3s, he is highly secretive of his true self, isolated, and distanced from emotions – he works hard and runs a successful brothel but never allows feelings to interfere with achievements, and never touches the “merchandise” himself. His levels of detachment threaten his ability to connect to others. Petyr’s 4 wing gives him the desire and need to forget a deeper identity, through establishing himself, choosing his own sigil, and striving to have it recognized. His attachment to Caitlyn Stark (and then Sansa) smacks of a 4’s need to romanticize and connect to what is lost to him, making her more attractive because he cannot have her (yet still he tries).