The Hound and Arya often go toe-to-toe in arguments, because he sees things as fundamentally logical that she finds reprehensibly amoral. If it makes logical sense, the Hound does it – regardless of whether it serves only his own agenda, or innocent people get hurt along the way. If it does not make any sense to him, the Hound ignores it, rejects it, tells someone it’s stupid, or flat out refuses to participate in it. He has also developed a strong worldview of how reality works, and applies it to every situation he encounters, with very little nuance – the Hound assumes everyone is self-serving and immoral, that they will sacrifice others to get what they want, and doesn’t change this perspective until he meets genuinely good people. But even then, his life mentality is proven right when they’re slaughtered by bad people. His lower Fe then wants to avenge them, by killing the people who treated them so callously. He is confident of his own abilities and easily able to adapt to new situations. He goes head to head with Brienne of Tarth – in an epic fight that lasts for hours in which they pummel the living hell out of each other. He sees what he wants, and takes it. Opportunities to make money, to serve his interest, to get a Stark kid away safe (or make her someone else’s problem). The Hound can be locked into a narrow worldview and stubborn about his interpretation of events, but does gradually start seeking some “deeper meaning” for his life (after his life and death experience). He occasionally shows flits of low Fe, in his kindness (saving Sansa, and warning her to be careful of Joffrey).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

No-nonsense. That sums up the Hound in a nutshell. He looks after his own interests. He doesn’t get much fussed about it. He sees no reason to pretend to be anything he isn’t. He tells it like it is, and doesn’t care if others are offended by it. The Hound also tends to step in and protect sometimes when he sees someone obviously weaker than himself (Sansa). For the most part, he does his own thing. He takes what he wants. He will walk away from a battlefield if he thinks the cause is rubbish. His 9 fix means detachment and calm. He is self-reliant and somewhat cynical.