Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Joffrey is all about living in the moment, and what opportunities it can afford him – this shows most dangerously in his decision to execute Ned Stark, even though it’s more politically expedient to pardon him and send him to the Night’s Watch. Joffrey wants to see the kind of instant impact it has, so he gives the order – and reaps the rewards of inferior Ni thinking, in what a catastrophic mistake it is (they are thrust instantly into a war on several fronts; not only must they deal with the Starks, they must do so while Stannis makes his bid for power). He has a short attention span, and shifts instantly to whatever holds his current attention (first Sansa, then Margaery); he can be somewhat hedonistic and sadistic in a negative-Se-way (enjoying seeing people inflicting torture on each other, as a sexual high). He operates from a position of selfish insecurity and insistence on being respected, whether he deserves it or not. Joffrey executes Ned “because he feels like it.” He doesn’t want to marry Sansa because “I don’t feel like it.” His mother has to argue him into rational perspectives and stances (just do it, then sleep with whores, I don’t care; we need this alliance). His grandfather has to tell him off, reminding him that if you “have to assert that you are a king, you are not a king.” Joffrey is always using tert-Te to attempt to control, dominate, and hurt other people – by making orders and demands and insisting they follow his word, while failing to be remotely rational about any of his choices.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Joffrey does not take well to being criticized in public, shown up for his mistakes, or corrected, which is why he reacts so badly when his uncle shames him for his selfish, arrogant behavior. He wants others to admire and praise him, he’s intent on becoming a powerful king, and he loves it when Margaery brings him the public admiration he so craves. He rarely slips into 9 disintegration, but can become passive once in awhile when chastised by his grandfather (who intimidates him). His 2 wing makes him a show-off, and somewhat malicious in how he manipulates people.