Function Order: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

Talisa can remember the exact situation that spurred on her desire to become a woman of medicine – an incident from her childhood that she recalls with vivid memories. She orients her entire life to helping real people, right in front of her, for a real purpose … in serving their needs, attending to their immediate concerns, and helping them recover. She uses her own previous experience and knowledge to assist her husband in planning his campaigns, and often is a voice of rationality on the battlefield. She is open to greater possibilities than what is right in front of her, and willing to change her life by becoming the wife of a powerful man. Talisa senses there is more to some people than meets the eye, but does not indulge in fantasies or sharing ideas outside of a specific purpose (battle tactics, giving insight into others’ motivations, etc). Upon her first meeting with Robb, Talisa practically scolds him for his part in leaving so many wounded and dying; she assists the wounded on both sides without showing favoritism. Talisa has a warm and giving nature and tries to befriend Catelyn and assist her where she can. She doesn’t want to offend and is hesitant to respond to her husband’s affection in public, in case it upsets their host at the Red Wedding. Her ability to think around a bad situation and see beyond the facts assists her husband to some degree; Talsia also asks questions about the things she doesn’t understand, showing a desire to gather information in order to process it and reach her own logical conclusions. She has good reasons for all of her behaviors, and can explain herself simply.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Talisa goes out of her way to help others, as a way of connecting to them and earning their approval – she works hard on the battlefield and on the sidelines, then finds ways to help Caitlyn and Robb pursue their goals. She tells Robb off for his part in creating a situation where men die, and tries to help him find better decisions in the future – all as her way of showing, and receiving, love. Her 1 wing makes her very focused on what is right / wrong. She is assertive with her anger, and forthright in expressing her displeasure, but all without overreacting. She cares about appropriate behavior and does not like public displays of affection, out of respect for others.