Ygritte allows no opportunity to pass by unnoticed, whether it is taking advantage of and teasing Jon Snow or embarking on dangerous adventures – climbing the wall, stalking White Walkers, invading castles. She is fearless and often the first person to engage in combat, an excellent archer and devoted to pursuing life to its fullest. She would much rather be doing something than sitting around talking about it, and she cannot imagine giving up life’s pleasures to become a Crow. She is quick-witted, with a tongue hinged in the middle; able to quickly spot and point out inconsistencies in Jon’s arguments and argue opposing points of view. Ygritte is a quick problem solver; she sees nothing as impossible and no situation as too difficult to handle. She trusts her ability to intelligently get herself out of trouble. She doesn’t often share her thought process with others … only the result of it, which includes having a quick temper and sometimes showing her feelings, but also an easygoing, likable outer personality. She connects easily to others, senses their needs, and responds to them … but in a gruff manner that shows she is more comfortable teasing them than sharing the truth. She will open up to Jon once in awhile, and expects his loyalty once she becomes “his woman.” Ygritte can become short-tempered, but also has a more compassionate side that she doesn’t often allow the others to see. Her ability to read other’s feelings allows her to find and exploit their vulnerabilities. Though she prefers to handle things as they happen, Ygritte isn’t above thinking about the future and planning for it. She is interested in the unknown and what lies beyond The Wall. She often has insight into others that proves true – including sensing Jon’s real intentions and his secret weaknesses.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sx/so

As a counter phobic 6, Ygritte constantly provokes and challenges Jon and others, in an attempt to get them to show their true colors; she is distrustful and suspicious, but also loyal whenever someone has broken through her barriers and earned her respect. She likes to provoke others and get reactions out of them, but also assert herself, to show people she’s not afraid (she is). She runs toward whatever scares her, to cover up her insecurities. She becomes combative over how she comes across to others under stress, caring about her image and seeming intimidating (disintegrating into 3). Her 7 wing desires adventure and stimulation, but is also rational, tactical, and reasonable in assessing situations.