Catelyn operates entirely on her knowledge and experiences in all things; she is very proud of her heritage and the Stark family home, as well as respectful of the traditions of the north even if she doesn’t always agree with them. She adopted them as her own, and has a family-oriented mindset that places them first above all things. When recruiting others to her side, she recalls incidents from childhood and their former ties to win them over. Catelyn searches for the details of events in order to understand them, and takes nothing at face value. She reminiscences when prompted to share her thoughts. Catelyn focuses on duty and obligation, in taking care of her family, but also pushing them to make the right choices. She has little tolerance for her daughters’ bickering and, because she feels angry about Jon representing her husband’s “infidelity,” excludes him from being part of the family and is downright unkind to him, at times. She is rational and precise, sensing an alliance would benefit them and encouraging her son to make an alliance. Catelyn has little respect for her sister’s erratic, highly emotional decisions. She rarely tries to impose her values on anyone else, and is competent and thoughtful in how she handles her attempt to protect the family and retaliate against the Baratheons for her husband’s execution. Catelyn is not forthcoming with her feelings, and rarely allows them to cloud her judgment. Her concern over Ned going to King’s Landing is because she has a “bad feeling” about what might happen there; Catelyn is able to read others enough to sense there is much more than is evident in Bran’s fall. She also senses their betrayal at the Red Wedding, but by the time she puts the pieces together, it is too late. She never once doubts that Ned cheated on her, and could be covering up the truth of Jon’s identity, even though it’s inconsistent with his overall moral character (inferior Ne).

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Catelyn has a strong sense of duty that forbids any underhanded tactics. She knows her own mind and makes clear her intentions and thoughts, but does not compromise on the things she holds most dear (protecting her children). She wants her children to be well behaved – and stop climbing the castle walls! Catelyn has little respect for Sansa’s obvious ambitions; she only goes to war out of self-preservation methods. She can have strong moral views, and be unaware of her own hypocrisy – misdirecting her anger onto Jon rather than confronting her husband about his claim of infidelity. She tries to model good behavior and be a proper wife, and instill the same in her daughters. Her 2 wing makes her tolerant of the children’s mistakes, and amenable to serving others.