Loras is a very compassionate person, who constantly encourages Renly to be true to himself and who he actually is. He isn’t affected by others’ emotions and instead, deeply internalizes his own feelings about things, so much so that he can conceal them from others (his repulsion at being married to a woman, for example). He frequently makes emotional decisions, such as wanting to fight after Renly’s death rather than retreat, and in following his heart. For the most part, Loras doesn’t try to control his surroundings, but he does discuss plans for the future with Renly. He also acts on his emotions rather than talk about them. Though his emotions dictate many of his decisions, he can also come to see the logic of a situation – marriage and how it will benefit them all, abandoning Renly after his death so they can live another day, etc. He is one of the best swordsman in King’s Landing, showing his ability to be aware of his opponent’s movements and respond quickly. He is also a pursuer of all things beautiful and exotic, with a desire for new and exciting physical experiences – from fighting in jousts to taking a beautiful man into his bed. He sees opportunities and takes them, both in romantic terms and to outsmart his opponent (such as using a horse in heat during the joust). His dreams are big … and somewhat ambitious in their scope; he has a firm vision in his head of the king Renly will make, and pushes his lover to pursue it. He tends to think at times in futuristic terms and make decisions to support and actualize those goals. His nature tends to be romantic, and a bit idealistic at times.

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/sp

Loras pretty much tunes out anything he doesn’t want to hear. His sister cautions him against revealing his homosexuality too openly at court, and he sneers at the idea that he should have to change who he is; he is stubborn in that regard. He also has a charming ability to appeal to others through optimism, using gentle reassurances to push Renly toward claiming the throne. His 1 makes him subdued in his anger.