Ramsay is an incredibly physical man, always pushing his environment to its extreme (he dabbles in wild and crazy violent sex, he physically tortures and abuses people, he is hands on in punishment, he enjoys the heat of battle and being in mortal danger). He is aggressive, opportunistic, and tends to make choices in the spur of the moment. Ramsay doesn’t mind when things switch on him, or the unexpected arises—he delights in impulse and aggression. Even the punishments inflicted on Theon are very close, personal, and punishing of his body as well as his mind. His father is furious with him for what he has done to Theon, because he is now “worthless” to them as a hostage. He has incredibly creative thoughts, unfortunately for his prisoners; he quietly and efficiently comes up with ways to torture and humiliate them. He engages in word play and mental manipulations with great glee, to show his superior intellect. He problem solves easily. Ramsay, literally, gets off on feeling other people’s pain and causing them emotional suffering. He plays with their emotions, giving them hope only to snatch it away. He is not satisfied until he has completely changed Theon’s personality and transformed him. Ramsay creepily feigns niceness to get Theon to trust and worship him, after he ruthlessly beats, punishes, tortures, and castrates him. Ramsay often prefers satisfaction in the moment to the long-term effects of it, however, his cruelty does have a method behind it – “Reek” will do anything he tells him to, without question, which has useful long term effects.

Enneagram: 8w7 sx/sp

Ramsey is all about dominating other people — he enjoys forcing Theon to do whatever he wants and humiliating him, breaking him until he no longer has a will or personality of his own. His father berates him for being too heavy-handed and making Theon worthless, but when Ramsey sees his father will not leave him anything, he kills him and then feeds his new mother-in-law and baby brother to his rabid hounds. He over-indulges, has a massive personality, but also gives in to authority — only when it suits him. He is fearless about dying and provocative toward other people. His 7 wing has a sadistic sense of humor, avoids facing up to his mistakes or responsibilities, and can be whimsical in a cruel way.