Rob can often get caught up in the moment of something, such as when he chooses to marry the woman he chooses rather than make a more logical choice through marrying for an alliance, beheading Karkstark though he needs his men to win the war, and never foreseeing the consequences of these actions. But he is also skilled and adept on a battlefield, a good warrior and hunter, and opportunistic in how he quickly amasses forces and takes to the field to defend his father’s honor (and rescue him, at first, until he realizes this is futile once word comes of his death). He is more reckless than his mother, and less wise in “how things work” – choosing to burn bridges and form new alliances and go his own way, rather than abide by the time-honored traditions of previous generations (he is angry with his mother for freeing Jamie Lannister, he chooses his own wife, a “nobody” who can bring him nothing but his own happiness). And his glaring blind spot is not recognizing that his enemies will take advantage of this, are resentful of it, and intend to kill him because of it. He has his father’s strong sense of honor and ideals, but also tremendous compassion – he does not believe in brutalizing people, punishing them out of turn, or shaming them overtly. Robb has a fair and honorable approach to capital punishment and dealing with his enemies. But, he also follows his heart – when it would be advantageous to marry a specific girl to form an alliance against the Lannisters, Robb instead follows his heart and chooses another woman – spurning a great House in the process. He makes an emotional decision to behead a traitor, though freeing him in exchange for his support would be more advantageous to the cause. He cares for no one else’s opinion on this matter, consults no one about it, and ultimately it leads to his downfall, due to his blindness toward the necessity of considering the potential fall-out (a low Te blind spot).

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sx

Much like his father, Robb has lines he will not cross. He refuses to back down on his word. He feels strongly confident in doing what he believes is “right,” and in so much goodness, it never crosses his mind that others may not play by the same rules. He can become emotional and sensitive under stress (moving to 4) but mostly works hard and wants to honor his father’s memory. He’s intense and free with his emotions, struggling with a desire to remain restrained but also give in to his passions – and he chooses a fiery woman to settle down with. Robb can be blind to caring about what others think of him and has no great desire to reform society; he’s very much about his inner circle, and self-preservation, doing the right thing. Robb’s 9 wing makes him dislike conflict and have a sense of internal focus; he can be somewhat detached at times, especially when dealing with his mother (angry over her release of Jaime Lannister, he banishes her from his war council and to her tent).