Roose is always at least three steps ahead of most characters in the series. When it becomes apparent Robb will not win in his rebellion against the Lannisters, Roose makes a deal with Walder Frey and Tywin Lannister to gain a position of power if he assists them during the Red Wedding. He also repeatedly reprimands his son, Ramsay, for his impulsive actions and not considering the big picture. Roose is almost never impulsive and dresses in a very utilitarian manner. The few times he actually seems to enjoy himself is after a long-term victory has been achieved. The Dreadfort does have a certain Gothic aesthetic that Roose appreciates. He sometimes uses sexual intimidation / brutalities to exert his power. He has a very rational and strategic mind. He wants to trade Theon in exchange for the Greyjoys leaving Moat Cailin, so he angry when Theon is useless as a hostage thanks to his son’s abuses. He also advocates using brutal methods to win the war, much to Robb’s disgust. He is careful in his choice of words to reveal nothing about his intentions. He is not carelessly cruel but calculating in what the most logical choice is to make, which will further the family name and earn him power in the north. He can be frank, sometimes cutting in his statements or criticisms (”Don’t make me rue the day I raped your mother”). While not emotional, Roose has moments where his stoic facade cracks. The first is his subtle joy in having Catelyn realize what he has planned. He also is disturbed with Ramsay’s psychopathic excesses, realizing that his son could derail his long term plans. His detachment from others emotionally means he prioritizes his plans and ambitions ahead of their welfare (brutally betraying the Starks for power, turning over Theon to his son’s care, etc). He never talks about his feelings.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Roose believes in calm, deliberate authority. He never appears weak, and he does not respect anyone who cannot hold their own. He sees his son as overly self-indulgent and as too much of a risk-taker. Roose makes decisions which allow him to dominate and succeed, and does not concern himself with their over-reaching morality – if he has to kill Catelyn Stark to get what he wants, so be it. His 9 wing makes him calm, detached, and methodical. He can be contemptuous toward others and their over-indulgences.