Sam is imaginative and excited by the thought of new ideas, but also is far more adept at continually keeping the big picture in focus than Jon. He sees how his actions at the Night’s Watch can impact his future, and also shape the country’s fate. When he learns the truth in studying the old books, he sees how Jon can turn the tide of the war. Sam can get caught up in his musings and be oblivious to his environment. He is creative in his thinking, but also has a much larger, broader perspective. Sam enjoys exploring the many possibilities of a single idea, and finding all his options (he wants to know the specifics of the oath, and what it entails). Sam is a bit of an unrealistic dreamer and romantic, but also has strong perceptions about his companions, and has profound insights into their true desires and motivations. He’s people-focused. The minute he meets Gilly, he feels a need to help her. He wants to spirit her away to a safer place, away from her awful father, perhaps because he feels a sense of “sameness” between them, having gone through his own negative family experiences. Sam does not open up easily about his past or his hurts. He confesses, shyly, to Jon that his father was going to kill him if he didn’t go to the Night’s Watch. Sam quite easily makes friends by being friendly and sweet. He also is logical, pointing out the dangers of the risks they are taking, and getting most of his facts from books. Sam sees what Jon does not, when their leader chooses him as a secretary – he’s not wasting Jon on mindless tasks, but making it possible to train him as their leader. His own perception of previous events colors his perspective on the present; Sam is tormented by his ineffectiveness at home and his father’s disdain for him. He is also interested in collecting information on things that interest him (even if it’s just as simple a thing as the idea of having a lover). He sometimes muses at length on the past, showing warmth and sadness in revisiting happy or sad memories.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Sam is a cautious and rational boy at the best of times. When Jon abandons the Night’s Watch, he goes after him, determined to bring him home. He points out the follies in many of his friends’ decisions. He’s also full of self-doubt. He’s able to detach from his father’s insults and attempt to intellectualize them, so they hurt less (stating it as facts). He can be suspicious and distrustful. Cautious and weak. Others often step in to protect him, because all his strength lies in his insights. His 7 wing is optimistic and adventurous. Sam tries to maintain a positive attitude despite the awful hand life has dealt him. He seeks pleasant ways to resolve conflict.