Tommen makes decisions based on what he wants and believes is best, sometimes going against his mother’s advice in the process – he is so distressed to lose his wife he throws himself out the window, with no thought for the kingdom, nor his mother, nor how this will impact their tenuous hold over the throne. Tommen is a kind, sweet, generous boy, compliant but also willing to share what he thinks and feels with a trusted few. He needs Margaery to reassure him that he did not hurt her on their wedding night, and clings to her leadership with a sense of awe. When pressured to support his decisions, Tommen can clearly outline for his mother his reasons why she must remain safe inside the Citadel rather than attending a funeral (her life is in danger, King’s Landing is in chaos, and the High Sparrow’s agents run free). He tends to evaluate the world in what he sees around him, rather than put much thought into the deeper elements at work. Because he is so young, he sees what others want him to see – Margaery is beautiful and desirable and fond of him, his mother should remain safe at home. He does not like to think ill of anyone or contradict others. But, he’s also able to listen to and believe what the High Sparrow tells him, showing a naïve desire to seek out meaning in life. Tommen is clueless about his mother’s hatred for his wife, nor what Margaery has up her sleeve (her intention to rule through him).

Enneagram: 9w1 sx/so

Tommen hates conflict. He wants others to get along. He suffered under his brother’s torments without a word, compliant until he comes to the throne. There, he strives to do good in the world, to keep peace between his wife and mother, and to prevent bad things from happening in his city. As a sexual subtype, he soon merges with Margaery’s emotions and desires, idolizing her and becoming an extension of her hopes, dreams, and wishes, forgetting himself in the process. This codependency causes him to abandon his life when she is no longer in it. His 1 wing makes him want to strive to do better, and a model child.