Functional Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Tyrion lives in a world full of possibilities. He frequently engages in abstract, symbolic discussions with others, musing on the external complexities of the universe. He freely engages reality hoping to discern some greater purpose in it, often exploring experiences for their own sake, while adopting them into his broader worldview. He quickly catches on to what people mean more than they say, which includes Littlefinger cooking the books, and Jon Snow’s insecurities. He has a sarcastic remark for every occasion, often with a bitter truth behind it, such as: “dwarves are all bastards in their father’s eyes.” He tells Jon to face up, and wear being a bastard as a badge of honor, because no one can then use it against or hurt you with it. He will make nitpicking, detached, or mean remarks because of logical fallacies in others, which earns him punishment from time to time. Sharing experiences helps him bond with others; he is frustrated when Shae refuses to participate or tell him anything about her former life or even how she feels. Tyrion is aware of social niceties and participates in them, whether he likes to or not, to keep a general peace and feeling of goodwill. (His argument with Joffrey over not giving a pretense of caring that Bran is near death.) His father’s continual hatred and disapproval wears on him. His warm, affable, likable presence usually wins him friends. He is able to maintain a broad worldview, which helps him foresee consequences at times (he even tries to rein in Joffrey once in awhile). Once in awhile, Tyrion gets stuck in a mental rut – he keeps going over and over Shae’s death, wrangling with a single question (“Where do whores go [after they die]?”). His assertion to Lord Varys that, “the past is s**t, the present is s**t, the future will be s**t,” is typical of angry lower Si, using a traumatic series of former life experiences to color their perceptions (inferior Si).

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Tyrion has an outgoing, social personality that cares way more than people realize how others see him. It crushed him that his father was so cruel to him, that his status as a dwarf is such a disappointment to the family, and that he has nothing meaningful in life to do with himself. He is aware of and attentive to social norms, even striking his nephew for being cruel about the Stark boy falling out a window and telling him to send his condolences for appearances’ sake. Tyrion is a hard worker when he has a task to do, and believes in protecting himself and those he values and/or loves. He puts on a mask of indifference to cover up how hurt he is by his family’s rejection, pretending he does not care but also working hard to earn their respect and affection. He’s modest and unassuming, successful but never overbearing. His 2 wing gives him a sincere desire to help the Stark family and earn love from his family. Under stress, Tyrion falls into his 9 disintegration – he becomes apathetic about everyone and everything, wasting his time and life drinking, eating, and pondering the useless question of “where do whores go?