Function Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Tywin is one of the most powerful men in the kingdom, with a natural ability to command armies, come up with complex tactical strategies, and rule empires. His ruthless ability to discern how best to protect his family and build dynastic alliances intimidates his children. He arranges marriages, undertakes the unofficial “ruling” of the kingdom through his grandson, and successfully defeats Stannis’ armies at Blackwater. His mentality reflects a traditional mindset. Even though his daughter, Cersei, shows potential as a leader, he condemns her as being inappropriate due to her sex and the fact that she makes “emotional decisions.” He scorns his son, based on his lack of purpose, drive, and reliability (Te concerns), based on his long-term interactions with his children (Si). He appears to be either oblivious to, or deliberately ignoring their incestuous relationship – refusing to acknowledge the actuality of it in favor of a chosen reality. Tywin is ambitious, but also protective of his own – he’s less intent on building his own dynasty than he is in defending the one he forged through his daughter’s marriage. His Ne shows in how he knows his children could be more, and sees their untapped potential, but he also has a rather pessimistic assumption they will never improve themselves enough to fulfill those ambitions. He cares for his children, but not enough to appease their emotions – Tywin doesn’t care if they like the marriages he arranges for them, they’re going to do it anyway. His internal ethical system rebels strongly against things he does not like (unusually, he either doesn’t know about or mind his children’s incest, but he is strongly repulsed by homosexuality, showing how his internal moral system is personal and subjective to him).

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

Tywin tells his grandson that if you have to tell everyone that you’re the king, you’re not a king at all. He never asks for power and authority, he simply shows up and assumes it, because he already has it. He wants to be the dominant presence in the room, and has no respect for anyone who cannot compete with him on that level, or who shows any kind weakness. His son’s diminutive stature and lust for women and drink is a weakness in his eyes, so he does not respect it. Tywin is out of touch with sensitive emotions, often employing “harsh lessons” with his children in an effort to strengthen them. He respects Arya because she doesn’t shrink from him, showing aggressive opinions. He’s concerned with protecting himself, his family, and their resources, not much else. His 9 wing gives him a sense of calm in his command. Instead of becoming reactive under stress, he shifts into 5-ish distrust, thinking, and defense methods.