Bran is naturally curious about everything and open-minded; he can also be naïve and trusting as a child, though the older he gets, the more withdrawn he becomes from the physical world. Bran shows a strong trust in his insights and symbols from the start, when his dreams about the three-eyed raven lead him to a desire to meet the Three-Eyed Raven in person. He becomes so focused on his desire to “see all” that he willingly leaves behind Winterfell and his siblings to merge with a higher consciousnesses. Younger Bran and older Bran are two very different things; young Bran was logical but also fair. He expressed himself well, and befriended those he identified with or felt compassion for. But as Bran has become The Three-Eyed Raven, he has shown increased Te tendencies — such as allowing people to make sacrifices, to further his cause / bring about the “fate” he foresees in the future. He remains incredibly detached when doing this, and reasons away even his own misfortune, because he sees the greater good (if Jaime had not thrown him out the window, he would not have become the Three Eyed Raven). Bran has always shown a tendency toward Fi — as a young child, he persisted in doing what he wanted to do (climbing up dangerous places) despite his mother’s attempts to stop him. As the Three Eyed Raven, he’s unaffected by the people around him — completely unemotional when dealing with his sister. He does not even offer her much consolation in what’s happened to her, beyond telling her he is sorry. His quest to satisfy his own curiosity almost gets him killed. As a child, he’s adventurous and reckless – his mother chastises him for climbing towers and running across the roof… but after his accent, once Bran comes to terms with his inability to ever walk again, he becomes increasingly comfortable with a life of non-activity and total abandonment to his mental processing (detaching from his inferior Se).

Enneagram: 5w4 so/sp

Bran wants to know everything for himself, and as a child, wants to trust his own logic above all others – which leads to him disobeying his mother, since he has faith in his own abilities. He is quiet and studious, but also can become detached and analytical, choosing to pull away emotionally from his siblings to pursue a higher calling for himself. Bran as a boy is warm and friendly, wanting to connect to others, but also focused on understanding others, more than directly connecting to them. This intense desire for knowledge leads him further and further into his inner self, and into a Higher Sight. He can become opportunistic and reactive under stress, moving into a 7 need for instant gratification and to run away from painful feelings. His 4 wing feels different from others, not bound by the same rules, and a strong need to be unique; he is the Raven.