Brienne’s intense respect for and admiration of knights made her seek to be one; by participating in that longstanding traditional behavior, she feels a sense of closeness to a society that otherwise rejects her for her awkwardness. She is very dutiful, attentive to details, and able to carry out instructions with respect, honor, and devotion to the task at hand. She is comfortable abiding within the rules of her chosen profession, and continually seeks information that allows her to make well-informed decisions. She trusts common experience and relies on established fighting techniques, while at times recounting her own past experiences with a strong emotional undercurrent. Her determination to complete an assigned task drives her onward, and makes her unwavering in her goals. Brienne assesses situations and responds to them mostly with logic, except when under extreme emotional duress (losing her king). She is practical, down to earth, and measures success by the things she accomplishes, the missions she finishes, and whether or not she carries out her orders. Her attentiveness to time management, her awareness and submission to authority, and her problem-solving skills come in handy in the field. She follows her heart and her dreams, regardless of whether or not others like it by becoming what she is, and by pledging her loyalty to the Starks. Though the insults of others bother her, she doesn’t let them see her pain. Instead, she suffers in silence, but also finds strong silent bonds with other people, including Jamie. She has very firm values, is uncompromising once she has reached a decision, and is extremely loyal to the people she cares about. Though steadfastness and reliability are her primary virtues, she uses her intuition to interpret what is happening around her and respond to it; sometimes, it takes another person to kick-start this process, but she strengthens her ability to read others in time, allowing her to identify friend from foe and unearth the identity of Arya Stark (inferior Ne).

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/so

Brienne is cautious and distrustful, suspicious of others’ motives, and does not make rash decisions. She has a natural distrust of authority, while also craving it – she tends to bind herself to other people she respects, with a strong sense of loyalty that drives her to avenge any wrongs committed against them. Brienne has a warm nature despite her distant behavior and does not like to make enemies. She pushes through her fear with aggression, moving into swift action and caring about how others perceive her when under stress (moving to 3). Her 5 wing allows herself to trust her own judgment and gives her a calm detachment and grounded sense of responsibility. She finds and places her trust in certain authorities and individuals, desiring to serve the needs of the greater social group, while finding it easy to establish bonds with people.