Bronn makes his living as a weapon for hire, essentially joining Tyrion as a bodyguard (and friend). When no one else volunteers to represent the dwarf at his trial, Bronn steps in and defeats his adversary. Where Tyrion is clearly out of his depth in the sensory environment, Bronn always approaches it with a sense of total confidence – because he knows he can make it out alive, simply by adapting to it. He doesn’t hesitate to use his environment in a fight (punching Jaime with his own golden hand, using a candlestick, kicking things over to create obstacles for others, etc). He does whatever “makes sense” at the time and is expedient, either to advance himself or earn a profit. He’s detached and often blunt, pointing out the stupid things other people do. When Tyrion mouths off at him, Bronn listens to him, assesses his insult for logical consistency, and then either admits he’s right or laughs about it. He constantly questions others, demanding to know the reasoning behind their choices (why are they there, what do they need wildfire for, etc). His morality is neither here nor there, but he does show lower Fe tendencies in being good-natured and funny, sarcastic but also having a mild sense of obligation toward caring for his friends. His inferior Ni shows in how up until now, he’s lived a life unfettered by responsibilities, but as he gets older, he starts thinking more and more about settling down, having a wife to return to, and “that castle” Tyrion promised him. Bronn does have good instincts, more he’s around someone; he knows Tyrion is innocent of Joffrey’s death because “murder is not his style.”

Enneagram: 7w8 sp/so

Responsibilities? Eh. Staying with something very long? Nah. Bronn is his own creature. A free spirit. A wandering nomad who follows whatever catches his interest for awhile, but never much cares about it. He is funny, engaging, and likable, winning over people with humor even though he can be incredibly blunt and even insulting. He avoids unpleasantness and doesn’t care to talk about past failures. Bronn lives a life constantly on the move, without ties to “being home.” His 8 wing and fix brings in a lot of calm aggression – he doesn’t get riled up, just does what needs to be done.