Euron is opportunistic and engaging. Making things happen excites him – and he wants an immediate “payback.” You can see this clearly in his promise to Cersei of an army to defend her against the Unsullied, and being caught up in the idea of becoming a “king” (low Ni) but wanting his payment (sex) up front. When she initially rejects his offer to help, he finds a way to “earn” her approval (attacking her enemies and bringing Ellaria back in chains for punishment). He aggressively challenges Yara for power, and enjoys being fully present in the moment. He spent years being a pirate on the high seas, and returns to crown himself king. He shows flits of intuition in his desire to leave an enduring legacy, but mostly operates through aggression and seizing opportunities as they arise (attacking Dany’s fleet, throwing Balon off the bridge to claim the Iron Islands, etc). His thinking is all rational and achieves whatever objective he sets out to get – from silence (cutting out his crews’ tongues to shut them up), to murder (so he can claim power), to knowing how to barter with Cersei for his protection. He also shows tert-Fe in being manipulative, in taunting Theon to get a rise out of him, in challenging Yara, in wanting power, and in expressing his feelings freely about what he wants, what he expects, and what others are going to pay him for his support.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Euron has a reputation for being calm in a crisis. He stealthily watches people and makes his move – evaluating Balon and then acting against him, applying pressure on Yara and Theon to see if they will snap, and easily and calmly dominating his crew, becoming one of the most-feared pirates on the seas in the process. He can be hedonistic and fun-loving, a little sadistic in his pursuit of pleasure (unhealthy / psychopathic 7 wing). He believes that he is “owed” for helping people (Cersei, specifically – she needs to “pay him back” through sex and being king).