Jaime is right in the middle of everything, as much as possible. He killed the former king. He joined the King’s Guard. He loves to swordfight, to be at battle, to act—often without thinking. He throws himself in a bear pit to save Brienne. He mouths off, which on occasion gets his hands cut off. Jaime sees opportunities to make things happen, for good (saving those he cares about) or ill (shoving kids out windows, an excellent, quick resolution to “they saw us!”). His sister calls him “fearless.” His father wanted him to do more with his life than join the King’s Guard. Despite the incredible disapproval it earned him, Jaime joined up anyway. He feels that is where he belongs, it enables him to take care of his sister and their children, and he endures his father’s reproaches and disapproval with silent resentment. Jaime often makes emotional decisions. He says unwise things, often taunting others who have power over him, with negative consequences. His strong, silent bond with first his sister and then Brienne speaks to the inner intensity of his feelings. Quick solutions appear to him, and he takes them—shoving Bran out a window is the most logical course of action, and Bran is not his responsibility anyway, right? Jaime acts on his feelings. He actively joins the King’s Guard. He can be frank in assessing others, or sharing his points of view. He is sometimes intentionally harsh, to cover up his wounded pride. Jaime can come up with a “plan of action,” and even sometimes see it through. Foresight is not his strong point. He miscalculates how dangerous his enemies are. On the other hand, Jaime can actually come up with piercing truths about Brienne and others, based on interactions with them. He is often right in his little digs.

Enneagram: 9w8 sx/sp

Jaime does not often lose his temper, but also dislikes conflict – he tries to diffuse the tension between his siblings, he takes his father’s abuses without fighting back, and he has a strong desire to keep Cersei happy. He can fall into doubt and self-questioning under stress (moving to 6) but the intensity and fierceness of his sx/so typing makes him strongly showcase his 8 wing – coming across as challenging of authorities not directly related to him (mouthing off to his captors, baiting Caitlyn Stark, taunting his enemies, and teasing Brienne), wanting to live life to the fullest, and in his need for instant gratification of his sexual desires. His focus primarily lies on maintaining his peace with Cersei – and his natural 9 ability to remain detached means he has no qualms about shoving young Bran out a window to protect their secret.