Jon spends much of the series trying to figure out who he is, and find his place in the world. His emotions are intense, but he can rarely articulate them and shows no real desire to share them with Sam or anyone else. His intense affection for people sometimes sways his decisions, staying his hand at times. Jon flatly refuses to do anything he believes is unethical (Melisandre’s attempts to seduce him do not work, and he only breaks his vow of celibacy when he falls in love). He has a strong, silent bond with Arya. It’s obvious that Catelyn Stark’s shunning and hatred of Jon grieves him deeply, but he tries not to show it. Jon’s strong ethical position prevented him from “taking advantage” of a “naked woman” (he feared a bastard might result, and he could “never do that” to his own child). Something of a “reluctant leader,” He can be opportunistic and impulsive – when Rob declares war, Jon tries to abandon the Night’s Watch to go to his side and fight, despite knowing the penalty for desertion is death. He is an excellent fighter and quite good at teaching others similar techniques. Jon is quick to take action and catch on; he swiftly integrates into new environments, without much adjustment time (he figures out how power dynamics work inside the Night’s Watch, and uses them to protect Sam, to gather a loyal band of friends, and protect the Wall; he merges into the Wildling lifestyle as well, without much hesitation). Once in awhile, Jon shows flits of futuristic insight, or symbolic thinking; he saves the Direwolf pups by linking them to the Stark emblem, and noticing there is one pup for every child, almost as if they are destined to have them. He warns Sam of the perils of saving Gilly from her abusive father-husband (he would hunt them down and kill them). He tries to keep a larger worldview in focus, though is sometimes distracted from it (befriending the Wildlings, supporting Stannis for a time, taking seriously warnings of the White Walkers). But, Sam must help him see the larger picture pertaining to him being assigned to serve the Lord Commander, instead of among the fighting men (“He intends you to be his successor!”). Once returned from the dead, Jon struggles to find a “greater purpose” and “destiny” in survival. Jon aggressively pushes away from control or leadership that is not on his own terms. He doesn’t want Stannis to promote him unnecessarily, he doesn’t particularly want to be the Night Commander, and so forth. Situations force him into positions where he must make and execute tactical plans, as well as lead. Jon tends to act on his emotions rather than express them (inferior Te).

Enneagram: 6w5 sp/sx

Jon is cautious and aware of trouble – when his friend pushes him to rescue the wife of a violent and aggressive man, Jon reasons that it would only cause them to lose an ally. The man would seek them to the ends of the earth, and threaten their stability. He both serves and abides by the laws and values of the Night Watch, and defies them. John does not like to draw attention to himself, but will also stand up for others unable to defend themselves. As a self-pres subtype, he doubts his own abilities and tries to defer leadership to others, taking his role very seriously and trying to build friendships and alliances rather than tear them down. His 5 wing makes him reserved, analytical, and more able to be objective and detached.