Function Order: Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

Melisandré has a complex internal vision built up of personal symbolism surrounding Stannis Baratheon as the king “chosen” by the Lord of Light to lead the nation out of darkness into a triumphant future. Her advice is impressionistic, based in symbols with forceful meaning behind them; she often misses minor details. She believes in her vision so much that she ultimately destroys Stannis, by feeding him misinformation – being so single-minded as to the desired outcome as to miscalculate battle outcomes, and the desertion of half his army. The realization that what she “saw” was erroneous horrifies her. She remains distant in battle, preferring to watch from remote sidelines; under pressure, Melisandré abandons Stannis when she sees he is destined to fall. Her emotions are double-sided; she uses emotional manipulation to appeal to Stannis and convince him to follow her advice (when asked where the Lord of Light resides, she whispers, “In you”; she comforts him in his losses, and appeals to his vanity in times of peril to her own safety). She reassures him the things they do are not “amoral,” by insisting they did them “together,” and thus shoulder equal responsibility. The strength of her vision makes her believe any length to accomplish the desired end is justifiable (including burning people alive as sacrifices). Her charisma manages to win a few loyal followers. There is no proof for any of her assertions; all come either from her own logical understanding of situations and mental systems (her “interpretation” of the meaning fed to her by her symbolic Ni vision for the future) or her intuitive focus. Melisandré understands how people work, and often piercingly shines insight into their true natures (sometimes through Ni observations, sometimes with Ti-calculation). She is often detached, sometimes harsh. She uses sex to manipulate with, often baring her body to tempt men or come on to them, all to serve her higher purpose (creating “shadow babies,” or fulfilling prophecies) (inferior Se).

Enneagram: 2w1 sx/so

Melisandré is an unhealthy 2, who uses her sexuality and influence to appeal to, bring under her power, and manipulate Stannis into believing her vision for the future, which includes a certain amount of revolutionist zeal. She wants to change everything, to shape it into those who believe as she does, and she acts the role of a humble, willing “servant” (to the Lord of Light, and to the “true and rightful king”) to get what she wants. As a sexual subtype, she focuses on being attractive and influential, promising her support to get Stannis to do whatever she says. When she feels Stannis is threatened by the snowstorm, she shows the worst of an 8 disintegration when she convinces him, ruthlessly, to sacrifice his daughter to the Lord of Light in order to win the battle (reacting with cold-hearted brutality and power-seeking). Since she’s unhealthy, she focuses on changing the world around her, and bringing it into a higher sense of ideals (devoid of kindness), but she only questions her own morals under extreme circumstances (after she loses Stannis).