Tormund is a physically imposing man, who lives purely in the moment and wants to leap on opportunities as they arise – be that a knock-down, drag-out fight, or sidling up to Brienne in the hope of impressing her with his battle prowess. He fearlessly charges into battle and signs up for wars, first out of the desire for stimulation and excitement and then out of loyalty to his friend Jon Snow. Tormund relies mostly on his strength and determination in battle, but also is not afraid to use the environment or the terrain to his advantage. He at first comes across as brutal, because morality never enters into his thinking – just opportunism and what is a rational “fix” to their problems. But Tormund shows a lot of tert-Fe, both early on in his boasting to everyone (he wants to tell them all his stories of prowess and virility) and later, in his forwardness to Brienne. Whatever his Fe feels, comes out of his mouth – he likes her, he wants her, he’ll do anything to make her impressed with him, and he keeps trying, much to her shock and mild annoyance. Tormund has a sense of begrudging responsibility to the larger group. He does not spend much time thinking about a singular path for his life, but instead wings it, looks forward to returning to the wilds north of the wall, and prefers to take things as they come to him.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Calm, competent, and fearless, Tormund fears no one. He knows who has the power in the situation—him. He respects power and strength, which is what pulls him to Brienne. He has never seen a woman “that big” before, who can join them all on the field of battle and cut her way through her enemies. Tormund also embodies the lusts of the 8—he does everything to excess, from drinking to womanizing to fighting. The more he has, the more he wants. He tests Jon Snow to see what he is made of, and only respects him when he shows his mettle. His 7 wing is full of humor (the 8 makes it a bit crass), hedonism, and the desire to avoid unpleasantness through distractions.