Yara is impulsive, hedonistic, and reckless. She is eager to fall in and out of bed with beautiful people and looks for situations to exploit to immediate effect, including wanting to create an alliance with Daenarys when she sees how that could help her maintain control over her own dominion and defeat her uncle, who has seized power from her. She undertakes a risky operation to rescue Theon, against the advice of everyone around her, and manages to not only pull it off, but escape unscathed. She occasionally considers the future, and intends to lead her people in her father’s place, even if she cannot “win” the throne away from her uncle. Yara is an efficient leader. She both sees herself as, and is, a more competent decision-maker than Theon. She feels herself a worthy successor to their father for a good reason – she is tactically-minded, logical, rational, and doesn’t allow personal emotions to get in the way of her conclusions. She sets up and enacts a ‘rescue plan’ to help her brother, then is incredulous at how ‘feeble’ and changed he is; she sees their rescue mission as a ‘waste of time’ owing to his ‘cowardice’ in refusing to escape with her. When he first returns home after being so long away, Yara allows him to think she is just a common maid, to see what kind of man he is (even allowing him to grope her)–she then goads him with this information. She feels honor-bound to treat her crew right and to choose the right battles for them to fight. She feels a kinship with Dany, due to their shared zeal for leadership, and convinces her that two women, together, could do big things.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/sx

Yara embodies all the qualities of the 8 – tough, no-nonsense, zero tolerance for wimps, aggressive, domineering, and confrontational. She can take a lot of pain without complaining about it. She also seeks out pleasure, wanting to indulge all her sexual urges in a never-ending hunger for “more.” Her 7 wing makes her hedonistic and allows her anger to flow freely, influencing her to pursue what she wants without hesitation. She is blunt and objective.