Functional Order: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

Anna has a warm and approachable nature that immediately reaches out to Bates when he joins the household staff and strives to make him feel welcome. She is open and approachable, supporting others in their dreams and often stepping outside her own comfort zone to accommodate them (even if it means risking her own reputation to purchase Mary something at the local shop). Anna frequently hides her own feelings, fears, and problems so as not to burden Bates with them; many of her decisions are made based on how she anticipates he will feel or react. But she feels better once having opened up to others and their reassurance comforts her in times of trial. She is more inclined to trust her own logic than outside sources of proof, and cannot always articulate her reasons for certain conclusions or beliefs. Anna can think creatively in terms of other people but is not often good at solving her own problems or in analyzing her reactions. She is quite content to attend to the details of everyday life in the great house, and is happy in her routine. Anna is sensitive toward the traditions and customs of service and does not greatly desire to step outside them for herself (though she encourages others to do so, when they feel led to pursue other dreams). Repeated experience with people and events give Anna a sense of what to expect from them in the future, for good or ill (her fears of what Bates will do are based on his previous reactions; her predictions about Thomas’ motives are based on what he has shown her in the past, etc). Her interest in new ideas and progress pushes her to embrace change and enjoy it. She is quite creative and imaginative, and very good at guessing people’s motivations and sensing connections between them. Anna can be quite fanciful in her desires, but also ties them to practical things. Her fear of the future when things go badly can prompt her to think about the worst possible outcomes to situations in their lives (feeling certain one or both of them might end up in jail, for example). Whenever she is stressed or depressed, Anna can become dismissive and even rude, abandoning her usual sweet good nature for criticism and pulling away from the people she cares about (inferior Ti).

Enneagram: 2w1 sp/so

Anna is warm, generous, and kind, going out of her way to look after Bates, bringing him dinner, and running errands for Mary even when they might cause her trouble. She overdoes her efforts to take care of other people, and is considerate of their needs and wishes… but once you make her mad, she moves toward 8 in how ruthlessly she takes out her opposition. She hates Bates’ evil wife, she threatens people who get in her way, she uses blackmail to get ahead, and even gets back at the crown prince’s royal staff, when she feels they are overstepping their boundaries and insulting the butler and the entire staff. Anna wants to do the right thing most of the time, is principled, angry, and not above correcting other people’s moral behaviors or calling them out on their bad deeds.