Anna tells Bates at one point, “I don’t care what other people think of me,” when she suggests she might become his mistress, because she loves him enough to buck social conventions and do what makes her (and him) happy rather than wait. She will often go against others, because it’s how she feels—such as singling out Bates for her support and attention. She stands by him when others shun him, fights for him when he comes under attack, and fiercely argues for his release from prison, certain that his wife has somehow framed him for her “murder.” She is open and approachable, supporting others in their dreams and stepping outside her own comfort zone to accommodate them (even if it means risking her reputation to purchase Mary contraceptives at a local shop). Anna hides her own feelings, fears, and problems out of fear of what Bates might do, and because she does not want to hurt him. Anna reaches some rapid conclusions, based on nothing more than speculation, dependent on what others say; she knows that O’Brien and Thomas have stolen the missing snuff box and hidden it in Bates’ room just from their innuendo. Based on nothing more than her fondness for Bates and her awareness of his character, even though he insists he stole something and went to prison for it, she tells him to his face that she doesn’t believe him, and that there is “something you’re not telling me.” This leads her to visit London, track down his mother, and get the true story about his wife. Anna often operates off hunches. She is supportive of Gwen when she wants to leave service, and helps her toward that dream. Her interest in new ideas and progress pushes her to embrace change. She looks forward to the future, and having a very different life with Bates. She is content to attend to the details of everyday life in the great house, and is happy in her routine. Anna is sensitive toward the traditions and customs of service and takes them seriously, when she trains new maids what to do. Repeated experience with people and events give Anna a sense of what to expect from them in the future, for good or ill (her fears of what Bates will do are based on his previous reactions; her predictions about Thomas’ motives are based on what he has shown her in the past, etc). After a traumatic experience, Anna loses some of her optimism and trust of people’s inherent goodness (Ne/Si) and becomes more cautious of them in general. Her inferior Te comes out under stress; she can be blunt and dismissive, accusing people of bad behavior and wanting to punish them for it (she tells Bates if he finds the snuff box and doesn’t want to put it in Thomas’ room, to give it to her and she’ll put it in O’Brien’s). She stands up to Vera Bates, his wife, and tells her off, as well as is quite curt to anyone she does not like or who has wronged those she cares about.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Anna thinks the best of everyone she meets unless they have proven themselves untrustworthy; she believes in giving people second chances, in forgiving them for their mistakes, and champions their cause once she becomes personally involved (such as with Bates). She is quick to dismiss his cautions about the visiting butler, because he is fun-loving (like her) and pleasant to be around. After her assault, she falls into 6 more, and becomes anxious, reactive, and suspicious, afraid that her husband is going to kill him, and then he will go to jail and hang for his crime, and it will all be her fault. She is easily angered about injustices, lies, and others framing the people she cares about and/or attempting to get Bates sacked through underhanded methods, and believes in fighting fire with fire. While she admires her husband for his loyalty to people, she doesn’t understand how he could let them get away with doing bad things and take the blame for them, rather than calling them out on their wickedness. Anna often stands up to people and challenges them, calling them out for their bad behavior, and energetically pursuing the cause of justice. She also doesn’t care whether her methods are appropriate or not (she gets back at the royal family’s entire staff for being so snotty to her, threatens people, and even uses blackmail at one point).