Carson likes sameness. He prefers tradition to change. He wants reliability rather than unpredictability. He has an excellent memory (for the things he wants to think about… there are other things he would rather forget) and is sentimental about the house and the Grantham family. Carson deals in facts. He wants things just so, and balks at the thought of doing anything untraditional or being forced to adapt and improvise in a situation. The idea of outside possibilities and change frightens Carson, so he shuts off access to this aspect of his personality as much as he can. Even so, he sees the truth of Mary – underneath her façade of indifference, her self-doubts, and her misery, Carson knows the woman she can become and the hurt she carries inside (inferior Ne). Carson gathers his belief system and “rules” from the outside world, Carson is unflinching in his views – some things are not to be tolerated, bad behavior deserves punishment, and one simply must conform to “how things are,” and if not, then to “how they should be.” Carson is all about keeping a smoothly running household. He takes pride in his work. He keeps the servants in line. He establishes rules and guidelines that he expects others to follow. He cares very deeply about people and strives to see the good in them where others may not. Mary is his favorite and it shows in how he strives to encourage and guide her whenever possible. Carson has very deep emotions that hide under the surface; he is uncomfortable sharing them with others, but will let them have a peek now and again. He has been known to get his feelings very hurt.

Enneagram: 1w2 so/sp

Carson can be something of a moral “hard-ass.” He has strong rules for his staff to follow, and can be quite forceful in enforcing them. He does not find it easy to forgive moral mistakes nor to allow people to get away with misbehavior. He and Mrs. Hughes sometimes butt heads on how “rigid” he can be in the standards he sets for himself and others. He wants everything to come out perfect and is driven to distress whenever something is “not quite right” (maids serving in the dining room, a missing stitch in a coat, a mouthful of salt at the dinner table). His devotion means the house runs efficiently. His 2 wing takes pride in his service and can be aggressive in asserting his opinions. His younger days as a performer and actor shows his more fun, playful link to 7, while he can become mournful and self-loathing under stress (disintegrating to 4).