Elsie is practical, reliable, and down to earth. She has a good memory and approaches running a massive household with relative ease. She enjoys doing the same tasks over and over and having control over them (like not wanting to give up taking care of ordering things for the kitchen cupboards to the cook). She’s a traditionally minded woman that at times struggles with sentimentality (she considers rekindling an old flame and living another life, until she realizes she enjoys the one she’s living!). Elsie holds onto her memories and is observant of the world around her. Often, she will sense a problem before others are aware it exists. Much like Mr. Carson, she cares about running an efficient household and keeping the staff in line. She takes a hard tact with those who cause trouble (worrying about Thomas bullying William). She can also be direct and frank in her assessments of others – she has not Carson’s soft spot for Mary, and disapproves of her careless treatment of others. Elsie can be sharp-tongued with servants who get out of line, but she also has a good heart. She can be compassionate and tolerant, once she understands the reason for the misbehavior (forgiving Daisy for putting soap in the soup, and helping out a girl who fell pregnant outside of wedlock). Her inferior Ne is quite good; Elsie has an instinctive dislike for untrustworthy people and is suspicious of their behavior. She foresees the consequences of actions before they happen and isn’t at all surprised at the antics of her staff. She uses her instincts to figure out how to help others and maintain an efficient household. It also allows her to be open-minded toward change—while it isn’t preferable, it is interesting.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Elsie is hard-working and dedicated to her job, but does not have the “blind loyalty” to the family that Carson has; she’s very aware of all their flaws, and more than willing to point them out. When faced with the decision whether to marry a farmer, she prefers to keep her position at Downton for safety’s sake. She lectures Ethel on her poor lifestyle decisions, but also has a warm and amiable side, able to calm down her anger and find ways to befriend and reach out to the other servants. As a so/sp 6, she’s confident in her decisions but also can second-guess them. She believes in adhering to the “rules of the house.” Her 5 wing makes her suspicious of others’ behaviors; she quickly figures out Bates is behaving strangely and urges him to give up his ridiculous leg brace. She often knows Thomas or O’Brien are behind the nonsense in the house. Under stress, when she fears she has cancer, she wants to work and pretend nothing had happened and is defensive over her image (moving to 3).