Gwen comes to Downton with a specific vision of what she wants for her future – to get away from her mundane life and become a secretary. She orders a typewriter and works steadily on learning to type, all in pursuit of her ideals; she leaps at the chance to go to interviews, and is grateful when Sybil helps her to make appointments and reach for her dreams. She can be somewhat caught off guard when needing to make rash decisions and/or responding in a crisis – she breaks down in tears, frustrated and anxious about an interview, and feels a sense of failure whenever she does not get the position… but eventually, Gwen’s desires for herself come true. She gets everything she wants – a great job, a fine husband, and two lovely kids. She cares about how others see her, but is also able to tell others what she thinks and wants for her life; what she’s feeling, every step of the way. Gwen doesn’t mind opening up to Sybil and her friends when she feels overwhelmed or like it’s hopeless and she’ll never get what she wants. She finds the encouragement of others bolstering to help her continue chasing after her dreams. Gwen can be blunt at times, but always apologetic (she’s sorry, she doesn’t mean to demean what the others do in the house, but she wants something ELSE for her life!). She is analytical and eager to learn new things, quickly able to wrap her mind around the typewriter and the work involved in being a secretary. She also goes through a loop of negative self-doubt, in which she questions how “rational” her dream is.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Like all 3’s, Gwen wants to be a better version of herself – the person she sees her future self as, and she works hard to make that become her reality. She wants to climb higher, to achieve something others have not, to become successful and independent, her own woman, respected for her work ethic and sheer pluck. She tends not to take other people’s remarks too seriously, and easily keeps her feelings under control when Thomas tries to shame her by revealing her past as a maid – Gwen skillfully turns the conversation around into praise for Lady Sybil, which makes her come out looking good. She can become apathetic and sad under stress, feeling numb and like she should give up her dreams (disintegration into 9). Her 4 wing wants to stand apart from the other servants, to have something that is “only mine” (her job) and to distinguish herself from the other maids.