Molesley is obviously desperate for affection and acceptance, and can be gushy and over-eager in his attempt to find ways to connect to other people. He often speaks out his feelings and sometimes does so out of turn, such as when he addresses the royal family in their visit to Downton to correct their misinformation. He feels quite hurt when Matthew unintentionally demeans his profession (“That’s a very silly profession for a grown man!”). He has a warm and generous nature, easily impacted by what others say to and about him. His disappointment is obvious, his need to be needed plain, and he becomes much happier and more fulfilled when Matthew respects him enough to let him do his job. Molesley shows very little Ti development, as he tends to lead with his heart. He is quite comfortable attending to the daily details of his job, and finds sincere enjoyment in handling household tasks. He takes a great deal of pride in his work, but also believes in working the system to his advantage. He knows how it has worked in the past, and intends to make the most of it –  by taking care of Lord Grantham in Bates’ absence, he hopes to earn a higher position at Downton and improve his lot in life. He yearns for many simple pleasures – to have a wife and family, and enjoy his eventual retirement. Molesley is a bit intimidated when things make a massive change; it disrupts his sense of sameness, but he’s also able to readily adapt. He’s also quite eager to discuss the ideas in one of his books with Anna, believing they can bond through it.

Enneagram: 2w3 sp/so

Molesley wants to be loved. He wants to earn love by doing a good job, by being the perfect servant, by anticipating and meeting every need. His greatest unhappiness comes from not being “needed.” Matthew’s lack of concern for his job makes him disheartened; but he quickly cheers up when allowed to be needed around the house. He has a warm, sincere and giving personality, but also can be resentful at times of not being appreciated and/or being overlooked or excluded. His 3 wing is ambitious and social-climbing; he wants to become more than he is, and deliberately angles for a higher position. He can be boastful and arrogant when he’s sure of himself.