Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

Violet devotes her time to problem-solving and efficiency. She’s only interested in “useful” information that will help her accomplish her goals. She’s more interested in the facts of a situation than its possibilities (rather than be shocked by Mary’s scandal, Violet is momentarily distracted with the missing piece of information – how they got Pamuk’s body out of her room!). She is extremely traditional in her views and resistant to new inventions and ideas. She won’t have electric lights installed in her house and doesn’t trust the telephone. Violet comes up with practical solutions to her problems and insists on upholding old family traditions. Her wittiness comes from her ability to sense the true meaning of a situation and express it in the moment; Violet often knows there is “something” going on that no one is telling her about. She discerns information about the people in her life without very many external clues. When confronted with needing to distract Isabelle, Violet looks outside herself for inspiration – she uses her knowledge of Isabelle, their past conversations, and focus on the big picture to distract her and set her on another course. Violet is able to make completely logical, unemotional decisions, and can be blunt and tactless when dealing with other people’s feelings. Even though she values tradition, Violet will put it aside for “family.” She makes exceptions for the behavior of the people she loves, without regard for how anyone else will see them. Violet tends to react strongly when contradicted or challenged on her personal values; if she sees a wrong, she will right it (but not always give Isabelle the satisfaction of an apology) (inferior Fi).

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Violet is ambitious and focused on how things will look to other people; she does not like Isobel to call into question her motives, decisions, or intentions. She assumes she deserves the prize at the flower show every year, by right of her roses being the best, rather than allowing herself to think that they were awarded unfairly. When Isabel calls her attention to it, however, she feels self-conscious and awards them to someone else instead. Violet urges all her granddaughters to pursue husbands and positions that ensure their long-term survival and also have notable reputations. She is quite intelligent, good at problem solving, and seeing what others are “hiding” from her – she figures them out and investigates until she gets to the heart of the matter. She can be contradictory, combative, and argumentative in her desire to dominate the family. Her 2 wing genuinely wants to help others and give input, whether others ask for it or not. She is willing to forgive her granddaughters’ mistakes (their bending of her “rules”) out of affection for them.