Rose is a catalyst for change in the lives of the people in the house – her mother sends her to Downton, because she’s been “causing trouble” in London by getting in with the “wrong sort of people.” Rose arrives ready to have a good time, and always finds ways to entertain herself and others – by inviting a ragtime band to play for Robert’s birthday, sneaking off in cabs to attend nightclubs, and flitting between men seeking soulful connections. She never lets an opportunity pass where she can seize it, to make something happen. In the process, she doesn’t think much about her future or reputation, or even possess much social awareness, in realizing the world isn’t as she wants it to be and that most people would not accept her marriage to a “person of color.” She’s too far ahead of her times, in that regard. Rose is generous, compassionate, and sweet… but has to be herself. She defies her mother whenever there’s a conflict between her mother’s need for her to be “appropriate” and Rose’s desire to have fun. She chooses experiences for others based on what she would like in their place – such as the band. Rose doesn’t know how to check in with others, to make sure they would be okay with her decision – it never even crosses her mind that Robert might not want a mixed-race band in his house, because it doesn’t bother her. Rose can be quite organized and motivated, when she wants something – making all the arrangements and finding logical arguments to support her views.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Rose’s main ambition in life is to have a good time. She wants to be in the middle of fun, causing it, inviting others to share in it, and entertaining herself with it. She’d rather not think about her parents’ rocky marriage, thank you. She likes to distract herself with fun. And, she does not always like to face the reality of the world, like it may not be ready for an interracial relationship. She thinks if that’s the case, the world can just stuff it! She has a warm and generous desire to help others by financially supporting their endeavors, helping them find jobs, and bringing them happiness. Her 8 wing shows in her calm but forceful approach to situations and her “I want it right now” attitude.