Functional Order: Ni-Te-Fi-Se

O’Brien and Thomas have something in common, in that both of them are focused on the future… but while Thomas focuses on self-advancement, O’Brien reads into every situation going on in the house. She wonders why Daisy is so leery about Mary’s bedroom, and starts asking questions about the Turkish gentleman that died at Downton. She reads other people quite well, and believes her hunches, even when some of them are wrong (she assumes Cora is going to replace her as a lady’s maid). She’s quite able to put ideas into Thomas’ head, for good or ill (convincing him to frame Bates for the stolen wine, and persuading him another footman fancies him). But she is not highly active, and sometimes does impulsive things under stress (such as shoving the soap bar a few inches to the left so Cora will fall getting out of the bath, then rethinking it – and being too late to save her). O’Brien is hard working and proud of her achievements. She is always scheming on how to improve things for herself and Thomas, who she feels is a “kindred spirit” in the house. She is purposeful, direct, and irritated when others do not carry their own weight. But, she spends a lot of time complaining, airing her frustration, and showing off a belligerent attitude. She can be haughty and superior, complaining that Cora expects her to do much and talks down to her whenever she is out of line. She can be vindictive and cruel, but also intensely loyal to Cora. She feels things deeply and isn’t always sure how to handle them, apart from being withdrawn and showing anger to others.

Enneagram: 4w5 sp/so

O’Brien is an unhealthy woman who focuses on how persecuted, misunderstood, and abused she is. While the rest of the servants live happy, contented lives, she’s miserable and determined to spread her unhappiness wherever she goes. Despite her great job in a large house and financial security as a treasured employee, she spends her free time complaining about her employers and making herself out to be a mistreated martyr who can’t have fun with other people, but is stuck sewing on buttons. Under stress, she can become manipulative and vindictive (disintegrating to 2 when she gets back at Cora for thinking she’s about to be fired, and in her nasty behavior toward Bates). Her 5 wing makes her distrustful of the other servants, not inclined to share personal details with them, selective in who she spends her time with, and secretive, even paranoid at times.