Sybil is a romantic and a dreamer, curious about change and eager to embrace it. She often notices others’ untapped potential and makes great strides toward helping them better themselves, such as when she takes it upon herself to make sure Gwen gets a fashionable job as a secretary (she arranges a meeting, gives her a recommendation, and even gets covered in mud after ensuring she makes her interview on time). She is quick to leap on modern movements such as the suffragettes and to champion for Irish rights once she becomes involved with Branson. His ideas excite her away from her old life, in which she feels stagnant and useless. After serving as a nurse, Sybil does not want life to go back to the way it was before the war, when she had nothing to do and no greater purpose in life. She feels a strong need to be authentic and true to herself; she does not care for social traditions or changing herself to fit into a mold—she strikes out first in whatever way attracts her most, from forming a friendship and then romance with Branson or becoming a war nurse, or becoming involved in politics. She does care about harmony with her family and maintaining their friendship, but she will forsake them all if they refuse to allow her to follow her heart. She is warm, generous, and active in helping others, sometimes putting them forward for promotions or helping them chase their dreams. Sybil is very good at organizing others for success, being involved in political movements, and serving as a war nurse, which demands kindness but also the ability to detach oneself and simply do what is necessary for the greater good of her patients. Her lower Si has some attachment to her family, to familiarity, and to tradition, since her process of breaking away from it is gradual out of a desire to maintain peace. But she harbors none of the same prejudices as her family does. She tends to put her foot down and become blunt and angry under stressful situations, needing to take action or in some way move her life forward.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Sybil is desperate for change but rather passive in how she goes about it — at first. She seems to have somewhat accepted her lot in life. She really hates it when her sisters fight and has somehow managed to remain fond of Mary despite her sister’s frequent nastiness toward Edith. Sybil often tries to peace-keep and reassure them. As the series unfolds, Sybil emerges from her lethargy and uncertainty about what she wants for her life into finding her voice and passion; she can be compliant but assertive, slow to adopt massive change but confident when she does. Her 8 wing gives her the aggression and fearlessness she needs to break away from tradition and her family and pursue a new life for herself. She can be argumentative and fiery in her desire for political reform, but she hates feeling pressured to make decisions ahead of when she’s ready to make them.