Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Thomas is far more emotional and easily hurt than he cares to let on; he placed a great deal of romantic attachment on his relationship with a wealthy duke, and is genuinely hurt and confused to discover the man used him for brief entertainment and then threw him away. He builds much of his identity around his sense of alienation for being gay, and his need and desire for acceptance. When he is found out, rather than lie about it, Thomas admits to it to Carson, because it’s an intrinsic part of who he is. If it does not involve him, Thomas often does not care (remarking that he doesn’t see why they should care about the lady of the house’s miscarriage since “she doesn’t give a wit about us!”). He is somewhat reckless for a closet homosexual. He saw an opportunity to build a gay relationship with a former guest and took it, then collected the man’s love letters, intending to use them to get ahead in life and failing to recognize the man’s true intentions (to betray him, conceal the affair, and not make room for Thomas in his life). He is opportunistic and aware of chances in the moment, which leads him to make some poor business decisions (he’s so eager to stockpile food and sell it, he is swindled and winds up losing his savings). O’Brien rather easily manipulates him by inferring the new servant is like him and interested in a romantic relationship. Thomas’ blind spot, consistently, is not seeing through other people’s manipulations, although he does often tell O’Brien it’s time to “make plans” (for his future), and that she ought to start looking for another position, as she’s about to get the sack. At the first whiff of war, Thomas decides to sign up but in a way that will avoid him on the front lines (“I don’t intend to be a footman but I don’t intend to die in a ditch, either”). He often tries to use his lower Te to prepare for himself financially for the future, and is often engaged in some scheme or another, but can be self-sabotaging under stress.

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/sp

Thomas more than anything wants love and chases after it with desperation; he can be swift to use his helpfulness as a bargaining tool or an excuse to get close to other men — rushing in to save them from being beaten up or robbed, showing them how to wind clocks, and stepping into brawls on their behalf. He assumes that in serving his lover, there will be a payoff, both of affection and a higher position than his current one at Downton affords. His 3 wing has to be more than he is, so he works hard to achieve a higher position in the eyes of society. He wants to secure his future as well as earn respect. He’s not content to mingle with “simple folk,” and befriends O’Brien because she shares his superior taste and contempt for the lower classes. Thomas is ambitious and hungry to mean something to someone, so he becomes defensive, casuistic, and wears a mask of indifference to cover up his deep insecurities.