Function Order: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

Anne uses her own experiences and knowledge of Henry to establish a relationship with him, and frequently compares her life at the English court with her former lifestyle at home. Anne asks a lot of questions of Brandon prior to her marriage, to obtain as many details about the court, its king, and its traditions, as she can. She then gladly steps into those behaviors and traditions, finding a sense of unity with others through doing so (even in as simple a thing as learning to play cards). Anne models some of her behavior after that of the first queen, and learns from the mistakes of her predecessors. Anne is a very warm and giving person, who always knows exactly what to say in any situation to make everyone around her content. She wants to oblige the king in all his demands and needs, and seeks to do so even if that means granting him an annulment. Despite their failed marriage, Anne seeks to maintain a friendship with him and also build one with his children. She is fair, sincere, honest, and happiest when able to bring joy to others; the thought that she does not please the king makes her miserable. Anne strives to learn the behaviors of court before she arrives, so that she might honor English traditions and blend in to her new society; she becomes so fond of them, that she chooses to remain there rather than return to her own country. For the most part, she relies on her ability to charm others and her delight in making them happy to broker peace, but Anne also has the ability to analyze her situation and make rational decisions: she decides it is in her best interest to give the king what he wants (an annulment), to accept his generous financial support, and to maintain a powerful presence at court, for rational reasons (income, stability, respect, and protection). She can be quite naïve about how the world works, and unsure about her future – she frets that the king may “kill her” if she cannot produce an heir, showing a tendency to catastrophic thinking under stress (inferior Ne).

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Anne is sweet and compliant, eager to do whatever she must to make the king like her, and uninterested in causing trouble. She loathes it when the king catches her off guard and she makes a poor impression. She wanted to be perfect and do it right (her 1 wing). But she soon finds friends in the court, even during her divorce, due to her winning nature and ability to meet others in nonjudgmental ways. Anne pushes away from Mary’s dislike of her, disarming her with kindness and attempts to help her find a decent match.