Jane is somewhat structured and traditional in her approach to the throne, and in her methods of dealing with Henry. She models much of her queenly behavior after Katharine of Aragon: temperate in all things, accommodating, and forgiving; though Henry’s womanizing hurts her, she dismisses it because it is customary for kings and accepted at court. She has a strong connection to the faith of her forefathers, and wants to restore Catholicism among the people… to pull them back enough from reform that the older traditions are once more in common practice. Though her husband’s children have nothing to do with her, and are not her responsibility, Jane sets out to repair their relationship with the king “out of a common good.” She can be frank and forthright in her opinion, often stating what she thinks without a filter, but she will quickly adjust and “fake” another feeling if she sees the king or her brother does not like it. She is warm, accommodating, and forgiving, but also tries several times to influence Henry’s opinions and urge him to embrace his heirs. She accepts Lady Rochford into her house as a friend, even though she has fallen from grace, saying the death of her husband and his choices was not her fault. Her inferior Ne shows in her being very naive (not realizing that her brother and father intend to “replace” Anne with her) and idealistic in her belief Henry can prove himself to be a better man.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Jane is helpful from the first moment she steps into the palace. She sees this as her way to securing her husband’s affections, and can be baffled when he does not like it. She meddles for his own good, after all… and she does bring about great things in his life. She reconciles him to his daughters. She gives him a son. She focuses on bringing harmony and goodness to court and makes no enemies. Her desire to help makes her somewhat risk-taking; she persists with the princesses even after the king warns her off it. Her 1 wing brings a sense of duty, morality, and a desire to be above reproach; it makes her reserved, cautious, and never quick to anger.