Katherine is a rambunctious, outgoing, vivacious girl who loves experiences. She enjoys being the center of attention, throwing lavish parties, and looks for opportunities to act – either for fun, or the sake of ambition. She is very sensual and free with her sexuality, often directing it toward others with no concern for the consequences. Katherine is quick to act and enjoys provoking others to get a reaction. Often on the move and not at all introspective, Katherine has little interest in considering her life, or in giving it greater meaning. She knows what she wants and sets out to get it. Katherine can be quite sweet, but also very hurtful toward the people she doesn’t like. She prefers to act on her feelings rather than talk about them extensively. She hates the rules of behavior and wants to set her own course, even if her actions are not deemed “queenly” or ladylike. Katherine’s downfall is that she pursues her own desires without considering how they will affect her relationship with the king. Her organizational skills come in handy when directing her ladies, organizing her environment, planning for lavish parties, and scheming to have time with her lover. Katherine is a woman of action more than words, who decides what she wants and goes after it. Because she is so young, she doesn’t utilize her common sense much to consider the consequences of her love affairs, or her treatment of Mary. She gives no thought to the future, nor in learning to wait patiently for good things. But she is optimistic toward her own future—until it takes a sudden, drastic turn for the worst (inferior Ni.)

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

From the first moment Katherine arrives at the palace, she sets out to “seduce” others – that’s the reason Howard chose her, after all. Her natural chemistry, her ability to read Henry and what he wants (for her to be sexual, childish, and wanton) … and her delight in fulfilling that for him. She finds great pleasure in doing things for him, in brightening his days… and when she does not see him for a fortnight due to his injured leg, she instantly feels rejected and unloved, fretting that he now loves someone else and has taken a mistress… so that makes her turn to someone she can “serve” who also seems to “love” her – Culpepper. She also tries to “give” to the royal children, generously appealing to Mary and becoming vindictive and resentful when these gifts are rejected and she is ignored. Her 3 wing is flamboyant and enjoys the many gifts and pleasures the king gives her, as well as wants to maintain a certain “image.”