Function Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Thomas has on major agenda in mind, to gain control and power in England, through using his daughters to manipulate the king with… and if this means taking out Cardinal Wolsey, so be it. He is an effective tactician, often guiding Anne into her decisions (“Perhaps you can figure out a way to prolong his interest… you must have learned things in France?”), but above all, being able to quickly and effectively dismantle the opposition through his tactical decisions. His vision is different from that of Cromwell, but similar in that it involves total reform of England and its beliefs – he outright condemns and harshly criticizes the Catholic Church, going so far as to call all of Jesus’ disciples “liars and charlatans,” which suggests he has a personal interpretation of scriptural events that doesn’t fit cannon law. Thomas is effective in making what he wants for his family happen, but can also be reactive and too ambitious, somewhat caught off guard when undermined, since he cannot always move against others decisively (tert Se). His inferior Fi shows sharply in his disconnect from his feelings; as an unhealthy man, he is more driven through power and, later, self-preservation than by love and winds up losing two of his children (and the third to banishment) because of his poor choices.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/so

He’s aggressive, assertive, and controlling, sometimes browbeating his children and strong-arming them into doing what he wants. He can be “larger than life” and intimidating, reducing even Anne to tears more than once (though she does fight back and try to put him in his place). He’s an unhealthy 8, out of touch with his emotions and able to turn his back on his family for his own survival, using his authority and need for power and control for financial and self-advancement rather than for a greater cause, although he does want to bring Reform to England. His 9 wing makes him calm under pressure and disinterested in casual pleasures.