Astrid is an invaluable resource in Walter’s lab because of her ability to pay attention to details – his massive blind spot. She prevents near-disaster on numerous occasions by keeping track of everything he loses and forcing him to focus on whatever he’s trying to explain. She’s also an incredible code  breaker, due to specializing in it in the Academy. She easily figures out ciphers and recognizes familiar patterns. She grounds the Fringe team, often providing logical or practical ideas and solutions. She indulges Walter’s many ideas with skepticism, until repeated experiences with him convince her that he’s rarely far off track; this helps her lower Ne see potential in his “crazy schemes.” She has a warm and personable nature. She’s easily able to pick up on Walter’s emotional states and shows concern when they fluctuate; she’s in tune with his feelings and attentive to his needs, but also knows how to gently correct his bad behavior and encourage him to be more sensitive. She reacts to his constant forgetting of her name with mild annoyance followed by tactics she know will impact his low Fe (calling him by the wrong name in return). Astrid loves to take things apart and experiment; she will happily sit and think about encoded messages and figure out the meaning of things, for hours.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

She has an astounding ability to forgive Walter and keep the peace, even when she’s offended that he forgets her name half the time. Astrid is a natural born peacemaker, always trying to get Walter and Peter to reconcile and offering Olivia advice toward forgiveness and acceptance of Peter’s mistakes. She soothes over Broyles and Walter’s interactions, and makes things “okay” for everyone around her, but also has a 1 wing that wants to be principled, hard-working, and responsible… and also calls Walter out on his bad behavior on a regular basis.