Nina has shrewd insights into Olivia, although she has only known her a short time and read her file; she often authoritatively states what Olivia’s true motives are, and reads between the lines (she knows when Olivia is avoiding Peter, fearful of intimacy, or not dealing with her anger). She sees Olivia’s potential and tries to constantly nudge her toward it. She invents nothing, but delegates everything. William Bell left her in control of his multi-billion dollar company because he knew she would run it effectively – and she does, often making tactical business decisions that keep them safe and out of the FBI’s radar, while keeping clear of any potential fall-out. She puts on an agreeable front, and does care deeply for her friends (Bell, Walter, and Olivia) but can be blunt, purpose-driven, and hard-working. She shares bits and pieces of personal information but never expresses her feelings in abundance. But her inferior Se shows in how content she is to sit behind a desk; she almost never gives “hands on” assistance, she leaves all the experimenting to her lab technicians, and the only time she tries to actively stop Walter from doing something results in her losing her hand in an inter-dimensional portal because she miscalculated her timing. She hints that she had sexual affairs with various people, either for her own pleasure or to climb into a higher position of power, using them to broker deals and get assistance in concealing Massive Dynamic’s dubious policies.

Enneagram: 3w2 sp/so

Nina is ambitious and driven, always working toward her goals and set on increasing Massive Dynamic’s productivity. She always comes out of a situation looking good, or by misleading Olivia, Peter, or Walter through the false front she puts on for them. She wears many faces, being cold and impersonal with her employees, warm and mothering with Olivia, friendly and irresponsible with Walter (to a degree). She also has a warm nature that she uses to be encouraging with Walter, Olivia, and others who need her expertise. She cares about their inner peace and their soul, and prides herself on being responsible and loyal to Bell.