Olivia’s intuition guides her in every situation; she often has a “sense” of what will happen next, that she finds difficult to explain to others (“Have you ever met him before? Who is he?” “I don’t know, but I think he’s going to kill me.”). She comes to accurate conclusions and predictions based on small amounts of information; to others, it looks like she pulls wild theories out of thin air. She focuses on the big picture at all times and is non-sentimental. Her futuristic focus and discernment makes her careful in the choices she makes and cautious in entering new relationships. Olivia has a knack for reading people and does not trust easily (especially Nina) but can sometimes become so focused on someone, she fails to take into account the external details (she does not realize her partner’s true intentions or identity, due to low Se / sexual involvement).  She struggles mightily with her emotions, waffling between hatred for their intensity and a belief that they help her connect to and understand others. Olivia does not mind being confrontational with her feelings, or asserting them to others (she tells Walter how she feels about what his experiments did to her life, and how wrong he was; and she tells Astrid that she cannot stand being in her apartment, sleeping in her bed, using the same clothes her “alternate” self used in her place). She confronts Peter for his inability to tell her and her alternate self apart (because she would, with Ni/Fe). She also defends herself when her boss accuses her of being emotional, and tells him it makes her good at her job. Olivia good at instinctively understanding the needs of others. Even though he often frustrates her, she’s patient with Walter, able to calm him down whenever he’s upset and focus him on his work. She’s sensitive toward the needs of others, and her greatest desire is to “protect” them. Her ability to use creative logic helps her theorize new possibilities and grasp what may be possible; Olivia never believes the logic in front of her, but instead seeks out ways to challenge and redefine it, with an emphasis on knowing why people make the decisions they do (why did Walter take Peter? How did it happen? Why did he and William Bell test their drugs on kids?). She wants to understand everything, in order to be more accurate in her predictions; her methods of problem solving are often creative, instead of driven to an immediate solution. Her poor sensory awareness (not seeing a low oxygen sign) almost get her killed in the alternate universe; she surprises herself one day when she makes a difficult shot (since that isn’t like her). Olivia risks her entire career, her professional life, and her future by becoming sexually involved with her partner. She repeatedly fails and/or finds herself in danger when forced to heavily interact with or improvise in a sensory environment.

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sx

Olivia is incredibly driven and resourceful, but also focused on mostly doing things “the right way.” She is hard on herself for not seeing through John Scott and judging him for his behaviors as a double-agent; she is also extremely hard on Peter for failing to sense that “she” was not the “right” Olivia. She doggedly pursued and tried to imprison a sexual abuser in the department, and then when he’s placed in charge of her task force, has no problem questioning his authority or insinuating he’s using his job to sabotage her for revenge purposes; when Broyles complains about her trying to take out “a respected man in this department,” Olivia counters with it was the right thing to do, and he should be held accountable for his predatory behavior. She often urges people to do “the right thing,” and casts shade on them for hiding, concealing, or avoiding the truth. She never knows when to take breaks, and is self-promoting, in not wanting others to get the wrong impression of her. She can also put aside her personal feelings to get the job done. Her 9 wing shows in her continual suppression of her feelings, and her saying “it’s fine” even when it’s not (she’s angry about Peter and Alternate Olivia, but denies it repeatedly and makes it all “okay” in conversations with him).